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Resizing windows and their contents

When resizing a UI element from its corner handle, both dimensions are free to change independently. To limit the dragging behavior, hold down while dragging and use one of the following:

  • If the mouse stays in one place before pressing , the dimensions will stay proportional.
  • If the mouse moves left or right before pressing , the vertical size will be fixed.
  • If the mouse moves up or down before pressing , the horizontal size will be fixed.
Resizing complex windows in IB can be a pain because the contents don't reflow when you change the window size, which means you must resize each widget within the windows afterwards. However, you can hold while resizing to make the contents obey their spring configurations and resize accordingly. NOTE: This only works for sub-elements that have spring constraints set in the Size tab of the Inspector. (I, then 3) If you haven't enabled the internal spring(s) for an element, it won't resize itself.
You can make this behavior the default by selecting Layout > Live Autoresizing, in which case will perform "normal" resizing.

Checking spacing around elements

It can often be useful to see the spacing around objects. Press and hover over an element to display the pixel values of the surrounding padding/margin. (This also works while resizing.)
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