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Job posting guidelines

If you'd like to post a job opening to the BYU CocoaHeads group, please follow these guidelines. They are meant to help you get a more favorable response to your email.

Strongly encouraged to include:

  • Company name
  • Job description
    • Hours expected
    • Required skills (what is necessary)
    • Desired skills (beneficial, but not required)
    • Remote or on-site work location
  • App description
    • Target audience
    • Brief overview
  • Compensation (salary, per hour wage, stock, etc)
    • We understand that most positions compensate based on experience, but give us a ballpark number. Perhaps an average of what your existing developers get paid? Or what you're willing to offer an experienced developer?
    • Saying "competitive" does not tell us anything
  • Contact information

Recommended to include

  • Benefits offered (medical? dental? vision?)
  • Company information (apps in the store, etc)
  • Company financial info

Recommended to avoid

  • Marketing hype
    • Using words like "guru", "all-star", "ninja", etc are sure ways to get your email ignored or ridiculed. We are software engineers, not Mountain Dew-guzzling martial artists who tap at keyboards
  • Explicitly saying that you're not looking for rockstars or ninjas is just as bad, because then we feel like you're patronizing us. Just tell us what you're looking for.
  • Requiring an NDA before you'll tell us what the idea is. You're asking us to enter into a legal agreement just so we can have the sort of conversation you'd have in a café. It's insulting and is a major turn-off. You're willing to trust us to build the app for you; surely you can trust us enough to tell us what it is. If you don't trust us with your idea, what possible reason could we have for trusting you when you say your idea is The Next Big Thing?
  • Saying it'll "build our resumes". This makes it sound like you're doing us a favor by posting the opening. You're not. We get these sorts of things all the time. We have no trouble "building" our resumes.

Things to understand

  • Programmers are, by definition, logical people. Therefore, attempting to sway our emotions in order to get us to work for you is not a good idea. Convince us. Why should we listen to you instead of the other offer that got posted yesterday?
  • iOS developers are in short supply. If you're looking to hire one at an hourly rate, offering less that $50/hour is a good way to get laughed at. Experienced developers can easily charge several times that amount.
  • Developers prefer to make money. Offering a percentage of sales almost never provides that. Here's an example: Let's say you make a deal with a developer to write an app that you'll sell for $4.99 and that he'll get 25% of sales. Let's also say that this app takes 100 hours to complete (it's a simple app). Apple is going to take 30%, so each sale will get you $3.49. Of this, the developer will get 87¢. Let's say the developer normally charges $100/hour. That means that in order to break even on doing your app, you'd have to sell 11,452 copies of the app. That's for a simple app. Are you sure your app will be that popular?


Good posting:

Acme Apps is looking for an iPhone developer to help build an app targeting goth teenagers.  We need someone who can start on February 30 and who can commit to at least 3 months of full-time work. You'll need to attend the occasional in-office meeting, but you're welcome to work wherever you like.

The app itself will need to leverage features like Google Maps, audio recording, databases, speech-to-text, and image recognition.  Knowing how to interact with RESTful web services would also be a major bonus.

Compensation would be $200 per hour, which would include medical benefits, pension, 401k, and employee stock purchase plan. If you are interested, please contact Inigo at imontoya@example.com.

Acme Apps is a very successful company with 13 apps in the store, including Fart Master 9000, iSpyOnYou, and Toss the iPhone!.

Bad Postings:

  • IS EVERY HOUR DEW-THIRTY FOR YOU? MegaMobile is looking for ROCKSTAR app developers who live for the thrill of 48-hour code jams!  Email us at billybob@example.com to let us know when you want to start!
  • Any email (even one that contains good information) that starts with: "AmazingApps is seeking a highly motivated & passionate individual to work as an iPhone Developer... a true iOS development rock star!" (From an actual email; company name has been changed)
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