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This book is a revision of Step into Xcode, with old bits removed and some valuable new material.


Bonus: If you're on BYU campus, you can read this book for free on SafariBooksOnline.com: http://proquest.safaribooksonline.com/9780768682939

On 5 Aug 2008, the author (Fritz Anderson) released this statement:
I want you to be aware of an error in Chapter 8 (page 97) of my book, Xcode 3 Unleashed.

This chapter covers setting up for version control with Subversion, and advises that the following be added to the global-ignores line of the ~/.subversion/config file:

build * .nib *.so *.pbxuser *.mode* *.perspective*

THIS IS IN ERROR. The added text should properly be:

build *~.nib *.so *.pbxuser *.mode* *.perspective*

Depending on how you read the line, this would exclude either all .nib packages, or worse, ALL files, from version control.

You'll be tipped off to the error if the checked-out copy of your project is empty, or lacks NIB files. Regardless, you will have to take corrective action now.

The remedy is:

  1. Edit the ~/.subversion/config file as shown.
  2. Use the Finder (or the command line, if you prefer) to visit each working-copy directory you checked out since you originally edited ~/.subversion/config. Identify the files that are missing, and copy them into the working directory from your original project directory.
  3. On the command line, do a "svn add", listing the formerly-missing files.

It is important you do this to avoid loss of data.

The editing process had been plagued with dropped tildes, and this one slipped through. I deeply apologize for this error. My publisher and I are doing what we can to correct it.

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