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A guide to using Xcode to build applications with any Mac technology or language. Includes some content on Interface Builder and several Cocoa topics.

Note: If you're using Leopard and Xcode 3, you'll want to opt for the updated edition: Xcode 3 Unleashed.

This book includes discussion on a multitude of development tasks in Xcode: compilation and debugging; Cocoa Applications and model-view-controller; libraries, frameworks, and bundles; version control with CVS; and project organization and manipulation.

Step into Xcode is divided into two parts. Part I introduces Xcode and Mac OS X development against the background of developing a simple application from a BSD command line tool to a Tiger-savvy Cocoa application taking advantage of Core Data and Spotlight. Part II goes deeper into Xcode usage.

The author states that he wrote this book for three types of readers:

  1. Newcomers curious about the world of Mac OS X development.
  2. Experienced UNIX-family operating systems users who want an introduction to the Mac OS X tool set.
  3. Xcode users wanting to supplement their techniques.

Bonus: If you're on BYU campus, you can read this book for free on SafariBooksOnline.com: http://proquest.safaribooksonline.com/0321334221


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