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Ever wanted to add OpenSSL encryption and decryption to your Cocoa application? Or maybe you just want to do checksums like SHA1 or MD5? Or maybe you want to do both? Maybe you just think the OpenSSL library is kinda ugly to use and wish you had a nice simple open source wrapper around all that? One that can easily be used in commercial software? Well, aren't you lucky?

There is now a public (read only) subversion repository available here: http://www.septicus.com/SSCrypto/trunk/
Check out the latest source like so:

svn co http://www.septicus.com/SSCrypto/trunk/ ./SSCrypto

SSCrypto.framework provides a simple wrapper around OpenSSL library functions for encryption, decryption (both symmetric and RSA) and checksums. It also encodes and decodes base64 data and can generate both private and public RSA keys. A test tool is included in the project. Click here to see the main.m file that comes with SSCrypto for examples of it's use.

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