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A concise introduction to Objective-C for the experienced programmer. It does not require a deep knowledge of C, but its technical nature will deter novices.

NOTE: This is not a book about Cocoa, and almost doesn't mention it at all. Most of the discussion is about the Objective-C language itself. Having been published in 2002, it also doesn't cover features that are new in Objective-C 2.0.

Objective-C is an exciting and dynamic approach to C-based object-oriented programming. It is fairly easy to learn and has a simple elegance that is a welcome breath of fresh air after the abstruse and confusing C++. This pocket reference provides a quick and concise introduction to Objective-C for the experienced programmer. It contains a wealth of valuable information to help you over the learning curve, and will continue to serve as a handy reference even after mastering the language. In addition to covering the essentials of Objective-C syntax, it also covers important facets of the language such as memory management, the Objective-C runtime, dynamic loading, distributed objects, and exception handling.


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