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MYCrypto is a high-level cryptography API for Mac OS X and iPhone. It's an Objective-C wrapper around the system Keychain and CSSM APIs, which are notoriously hard to use, as well as CommonCrypto, which is easier but quite limited.

MYCrypto gives you easy object-oriented interfaces to:

  • Symmmetric cryptography (session keys and password-based encryption)
  • Asymmetric cryptography (public and private keys; digital signatures)
  • Creating and managing identity certificates (for use with SSL and CMS)
  • Cryptographic digests/hashes (effectively-unique IDs for data)
  • The Keychain (a secure, encrypted storage system for keys and passwords)
  • Cryptographic Message Syntax [CMS] for signing/encrypting data
  • Parsing and generating ASN.1, BER and DER (the weird binary data formats used by crypto standards)

It's open source, released under a friendly BSD license.

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