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KNAppGuide is a Cocoa framework for embedding "guides" into your application. Visually inspired by Apple Guide from the System 7 and 8 era, this framework brings this idea to the modern world of Cocoa.

Features include:

  • Beautiful, intuitive tutorials to guide users through your application. A HUD window presents your guide content while a bold, clean highlight highlight the area in your application’s UI the user should focus their attention on.
  • Intelligent UI handling. The guide will automatically move along as the user performs actions in your app. This makes guides much easier to follow, as your app’s user experience isn’t fragmented by having to click “Next Step” after every action.
  • Easy integration. Using KNAppGuide is easy. Import the framework, build a guide in code or in a file (or a combination of the two). If you have your guide in a file, you can load it and begin its presentation in three lines of code.
  • Extensible. If KNAppGuide doesn’t do quite what you need, it’s fully extensible out of the box - have it interact with your custom controls or present your guide content with your own custom guide UI. The guide loader is smart enough to instantiate any custom classes and set custom values without any modification to it at all.
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