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To provide a better experience for users, the system relies on the presence of special meta information in each application or bundle. This meta information is used in many different ways. Some of it is displayed to the user by the Finder, some of it is used internally by the system to identify your application and the document types it supports, and some of it is used by the system frameworks to facilitate the launch of applications. The way an application provides its meta information to the system is through the use of a special file called an information property list file.

Property lists are a way of structuring arbitrary data and accessing it at runtime. An information property list is a specialized type of property list that you use to configure a bundled executable. It contains a set of keys and values that describe the various behaviors and configuration options you want applied to your bundle. Xcode typically creates an information property list file for any bundle-based projects automatically and configures an initial set of keys and values with appropriate default values. You can edit the file, however, to add any keys and values that are appropriate for your project or change the default values of existing keys.

This document describes the keys (and corresponding values) that you can include in an information property list file. This document also includes an overview of information property list files to help you understand their importance and to provide tips on how to configure them.

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