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This sample iPhone application demonstrates how to use the GData API Objective-C library to log in, upload, download and rename files in Google Docs, including support for documents inside multiple levels of folders.

There are two ways to use the code.

First, the GoogleDocs.m/.h can be used as-is and plugged into an iPhone app. It should also work in a Mac OS X Cocoa app with little or no changes needed.

Second, GoogleDocs.m/.h shows an example of how to use various aspects of the GData Objective-C API. By seeing how this code works, a developer can learn the underlying API to create their own interface.

Additionally, the code demonstrates a method for packing up binary/non-user editable data files and uploading them as HTML files, then downloading and decoding the original content.

The sample application fully exercises the included interface in an app that will run on an iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPhone Simulator.

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