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This project will patch ffmpeg so you can compile and run ffmpeg, ffplay, and ffserver on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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transcoding MMS data into wav on iPhone

We are developing an iPhone Application that plays WMA streams. FFMPEG works and is integrated with our player. When we route most streams into the player it works. The only issue is specific to WMA streams: we use MMSLib to download the stream to a buffer (which we can verify is a valid WMA by opening it in Windows Media Player or VLC). When we route that buffer through FFMPEG, it correctly identifies the codec and decodes the file to a WAV buffer, but that WAV comes out garbled.

We need someone to verify the settings that we are passing FFMPEG to decode the WMA first using command line, then in Objective-C. If someone can help us here, we will pay. (support@hardindd.com)

We had the best luck getting compiled MMS and FFmpeg libs from this
LGPL'd app:



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