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Links to and comparison of several available Objective-C wrappers for using network sockets.

While it's possible (and often practical) to use the C sockets interface for network capabilities in Objective-C code, it doesn't provide the ease of use Cocoa developers expect. Fortunately, there are many third-party open-source solutions available.

This article considers various aspects of available frameworks and wrappers, including:

  • Supported Protocols (TCP, UDP, IPv6, etc.)
  • Buffered I/O
  • Anynchronous I/O (via delegates, notifications, etc.)
  • License
  • Documentation

Programmer beware: Although the article was written in 2005, some of the tools mentioned hadn't seen active development for several years beforehand. Although they are likely to work with newer versions of OS X, there is no guarantee. Conversely, they are unlikely to include any recent enhancements in the OS, aside from those in the BSD socket libraries or CFSocket.

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