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The practical guide to Cocoa Programming that everyone says you need! This favorite by Aaron Hillegass is structured as a text for Cocoa Bootcamps at 'Big Nerd Ranch'.

New technologies often have a steep learning curve and do not always come with complete instructions on how to get started or how to overcome common obstacles. Enter Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X, which shows you precisely how to put Cocoa to work. Guiding programmers through the key features of Cocoa, this book emphasizes design patterns that enable you to predict the behavior of classes you have never used before. Using a tutorial format, it takes you, step-by-step, through five applications and an InterfaceBuilder palette. Each project introduces several new ideas, and as each concept or technique is discussed, the author, drawing on his own extensive experience, shows you the advantages of working with Cocoa in object-oriented software development environments.



You can download all of the solutions to the examples in the book from this (direct) link: http://weblog.bignerdranch.com/Solutions-Cocoa-3rd.tgz

This book is useful for learning how things work in Cocoa, and makes it easy for you to write your own apps by learning from the examples. However, some may find the explanations of Objective-C to be insufficient; if so, consider titles such as the 'Objective-C Pocket Reference' or 'Programming in Objective-C' as supplemental material.

Bonus: If you're on BYU campus, you can read this book for free on SafariBooksOnline.com: http://proquest.safaribooksonline.com/9780321562739


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