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ASIHTTPRequest is an easy to use wrapper around the CFNetwork API that makes some of the more tedious aspects of communicating with web servers easier. It is written in Objective-C and works in both Mac OS X and iPhone applications.
It is suitable performing basic HTTP requests and interacting with REST-based services (GET / POST / PUT / DELETE). The included ASIFormDataRequest subclass makes it easy to submit POST data and files using multipart/form-data.
It provides:

  • A straightforward interface for submitting data to and fetching data from webservers
  • Download data to memory or directly to a file on disk
  • The ability to submit files on local drives as part of POST data, compatible with the HTML file input mechanism
  • Easy access to request and response HTTP headers
  • Progress delegates (NSProgressIndicators and UIProgressViews) to show information about download AND upload progress
  • Auto-magic management of upload and download progress indicators for operation queues
  • Basic, Digest and NTLM authentication support, credentials are automatically for the duration of a session, and can be stored for later in the Keychain.
  • Cookie support
  • GZIP support for response data AND request bodies
  • Experimental support for Amazon S3
  • Supports manual and autodetected proxies, authenticating proxies, and PAC file autoconfiguration. The built-in login dialog lets your application work with authenticating proxies without any additional work.
  • Bandwidth throttling support
  • Based on NSOperation to make queuing requests and background operation easy
  • Comes with a broad range of unit tests
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