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Accessorizer enables you to work much faster as it removes the tedium of writing @property and @synthesize statements, providing a wide range of coding styles while helping you avoid common mistakes.

Accessorizer can automagically determine @property attributes or specifiers based on ivar type while allowing you to further customize your code.

Additionally, using Accessorizer makes it a one-click to simply override synthesized accessors and generate the appropriate getters and setters to accommodate virtually any memory management scheme you might need. And when using Accessorizer Services, you will stay focused in XCode, TextMate, BBEdit ... or any editor of choice.

Accessorizer will also help provide you with the init, keypath, keyed-archiving, indexed accessors, accessors for unordered collections such as NSSet, copyWithZone, KVO, key-validation, singleton overrides, dealloc, setNilForKey, non-standard attribute persistence (Core Data), locking, headerdoc, convert method to selector, NSUndoManager methods and more.

Videos demonstrating these features can be found on the Accessorizer website.

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